LIONMAN STUDIOS is a professional recording studio located in Pune, equiped with best of audio interfaces, studio monitors & modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting. LETS GET YOUR SOUND RIGHT!!
  • Universal Audio Apollo 8

  • Mounted with award winning UAD preamps. 

  • Second-gen signal path delivers superior sound quality.

  • Next-gen digital converters providing pristine sound and superior stereo imaging.

  • SM57 /58

  • Rode NT1A

  • Rode NTK tube

  • Neuman TLM 102

  • Dynaudio BM12 mkIII - Honest & Accurate.

  • Re-voiced around Dynaudio's next generation waveguide for amazingly accurate monitoring, the BM12 mkIII ensures that you won't have any problems getting your mixes to translate with silky clarity.

  • Mepex 5-piece drumkit, djembe, etc

  • Fender Strat. Acc Guitars- Washburn, Yamaha, Ibanez & much more.

  • Maudio hypercontrol keyboards.

  • etc