We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
All rates include an engineer.
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JUST Rs.1000 per hour (Engineer incl.)

Get access to some of the best audio recording equipment, instruments and  acoustic space in Pune at a super reasonable price, including our studio engineer. Want more? we'll make sure to give you amazing deals for longer projects. Book now & start getting your sound right!



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Take your song from regular mix to clean, punchy, clear, wide, emotional and effective with our mastering service. The final EQing, widening and thickening of the mix so your song can be as loud and as competitive with music you hear on all the professional audio platforms or radio. This cost be clubbed with our mixing service for better deals.

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Our engineers will make sure that every idea & vision that you had set for your audio track, comes into picture during mixing process. The cost & time will vary depending on number of stems, genre, inclusive-exclusive of mastering & few other factors. Call for a quote & better deals are sure waiting for you. 



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So you have a song idea & thinking of making a professional mix. Sure! We will oversee the entire process of creating the song, from recording vocals or instruments to creating instrumental arrangement and guiding/managing the singers and the instrumentalists to perform the piece of music the way the arrangement /composition wants. Call for the quote & we will make sure you will get a good deal for the complete project and an amazing final audio track.